Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each class hour by the teacher engaging the class. Late comers may be given or refused attendance at the discretion of the concerned teacher. For the purpose of attendance, all working days shall be considered as whole days irrespective of the number of working hours. A student coming to the class shall lose half a day’s attendance unless otherwise recommended by the teacher in charge. A student requiring leave for an hour for valid reasons should get consent from the teacher in charge before that class begins. If leave is required for more than one hour, the student must apply for leave in the prescribed form. A student who absents himself/herself from a test paper, seminar or any other assignments shall not attend the class again with out the permission of the teacher in charge.

All serious cases of illness should be reported to the Principal through the guardian or warden. In cases of absence for more than five days due to illness, a medical certificate is to be submitted along with the leave application. The names of the students absenting themselves for more than ten working days will be removed from the rolls. They may be readmitted at the discretion of the Principal. Students whose attendance falls below the prescribed minimum level have to apply for exemption through the Principal to the University.

Application for leave must be countersigned by the student’s parent/guardian and recommended by the Teacher-in-charge of the class or Head of the Department and is to be submitted to the Principal immediately after the return from his/her leave.

Duty leave for Physical Education activities and any other purpose will be granted only to students representing the college or University in various matches, tournaments, youth festivals, sports events etc. Such students should submit their leave application recommended by the Teacher in charge of Physical Education/Union Director not later than one week after the event. The maximum period for which duty leave can be granted to a student for sports/arts is 10% of the total number of working days.



1. Tuition fee for Degree and P G classes will be collected in two semester installments respectively.

2. Fine for late payment of tuition fees is Rs. 100 within 10 days from due date and Rs. 200 after that. If the fees and fine of an installment are not paid before the last opportunity given for payment of that installment, the name of the student will be removed from the rolls. On clearing the dues the student can be readmitted with a readmission fee of Rs. 500.

3. The names of defaulters of fees will be published on the notice board after the expiry of the last date fixed for payment of that installment.

4. For every payment made to the college office receipt will be issued. Mistakes, if any, in the receipts should be brought to the attention of the accountant immediately. Complaints made later will not be entertained. Students have to produce cash receipts if and when they are asked to do so.


Fee for different examinations will be collected through the college office as per the directions of the University.